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Be F!t Gym


The Be-Fit gym is a community based wellness center conveniently located to help you achieve your optimal wellness goals.  We offer circuit training, cardio, free weights, personal assistance, massage, chiropractic physiotherapy, acupuncture, weight loss and nutritional counseling.  Our personal coaches will show you how to use the circuit gym with an easy to follow program and are also available for one-on-one personal coaching.


Be F!t Gym Memberships




Located in downtown Brisbane, the gym is easy to find and in close proximity to most Brisbane residents.  Many of our members simply walk from their homes. Be F!T Wellness Memberships offer significant discounts on our already very competitive Bay Area pricing.  


Please contact our office to learn about our plans for Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture and Be F!T Gym memberships.  Because we do not want to limit your potential for health, you can combine any of our membership plans. For example, your membership can include the Gym only; Chiropractic only; Massage and Chiropractic; Acupuncture, Gym, and Chiropractic; or any combination that suits your needs. Our goal is to find the right membership plan for you.







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