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What Do Our Patients Say About Us?

“We have patients from all over the Bay Area who are happy with our care. Read for yourself what chiropractic has done for them.”

Gavin E.


Brisbane, CA




"Dr. Abney can do what other doctors just don’t do, Dr Abney treats every patient right. He is professional, courteous, efficient, and really takes his time to get to know you and your concerns.  It is very rare to see a doctor with this level of human compassion and devotion. He comprehensively assesses you, gives out a personalized plan on how you can be in a path of wellness- in which no other doctors do. Dr. Abney is an invaluable resource in my path to a pain-free and completely healthy life.
I highly encourage you to check out Dr. Abney’s personalized practice and be blown away on what he can do."

Bernadette J.


Brisbane, CA




"I have been going to Dr. Abney for about 3 years, and he is an excellent chiropractor. When my insurance-covered adjustments ran out last year, he had an affordable option for me to still be able to have the care I needed. They are always able to fit me in at the last minute- I hardly ever remember to call more than 5 minutes before I get there! I highly recommend him!"

Lindsey M.


San Francisco, CA



"Dr. Abney is the best chiropractor ever! He is so nice and has a great bedside manner. He genuinely cares for his patients. Everyone at Brisbane Chiropractic goes above and beyond for you."


JoAnn M.


Brisbane, CA



"My family and I are all patients at Brisbane Chiropractic.  We've been going to see him not just for backaches and pains, but for allergy discomfort, sore throat, help with fitness concerns, you name it.  Chiropractic is not just for back pain, it helps your whole being. I have had many health issues over the years, all connected to my thyroid disorder, and the good doctor has been there for me every step of the way.  Just recently, though... I had not slept well in over a week and was in excruciating pain from a hip injury/fall.  I procrastinated-- waited way too long, because I knew that lying on the adjustment table was going to hurt, big time- not due to Dr. Mike's treatment, just because it hurt so badly to lie down and sit up. But, after just one visit, I slept through the night and was not awakened by the pain when I rolled from back to side, side to back in my sleep. Thanks, Dr. Mike!  You're the best!"
"And also, I should say, the whole staff at Brisbane Chiropractic is friendly, personable, and yet still very professional.  When you go to Brisbane Chiropractic, it doesn't feel like you're going to the doctor-- it feels like you're going to visit friends!"



Valorie G.


Brisbane, CA



"Dr. Mike and his kind staff are extremely helpful and accessible.  It is a wonderful neighborhood feel to the office.  I live close by and can walk.  Dr. Mike has been able to help my recurring vertigo with his simple yet effective treatment, and he took the time to demonstrate my situation with a model spine so I can understand what's happening.  I feel totally secure with Brisbane Chiropractic, and I think you will too.  Try it!  (And, if you're looking for a small workshop gym, this is it, too!)"

Catherine P.


San Francisco, CA



"My preventative care provided by Dr. Abney, and his staff has been wonderful. His location is very convenient, with easy freeway access. Once there, there is street parking. His hours are very flexible, and his services are very reasonably priced. I am also a member of his "Be Well Fitness" which has use of the gym equipment. All of the equipment is modern, well maintained and easy to operate. He assisted me, and created a workout program for me. His office also offers acupuncture and massage services. If you can't tell yet, I am very pleased with Brisbane Chiropractic."

Arlene S.


Brisbane, CA



"Today I had my very first chiropractic visit and I was very pleased with Brisbane Chiropractic. The staff was efficient and friendly. The office was clean and most of all my pain is all but gone. All procedures were clearly explained and I felt comfortable throughout. I look forward to continuing my treatments and permanently eliminating my pain."

Roberta A.


San Mateo, CA



"The staff is very friendly and helpful. The office is clean. They have a lot of good of programs that I could choose from, that cost very little.  This is important to me because I don't have insurance.  The doctor has great knowledge and takes the necessary time to really evaluate my problems.  Yes, problems I've been going to Brisbane Chiropractic for the past 7 years.  They are really flexible with my schedule and always find time to see me even when I drop in.  I'll continue to seek chiropractic for the years to come even though I've relocated to San Mateo.  Its worth the short drive.  Love this place, highly recommend it to any one."


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